Utah  -   Walla Walla

Private Sunrise Flight -  $1,700

"A Scenic and Truly Unforgettable Experience!!!"

Whether you're checking off a bucket list, celebrating an anniversary or just looking for an epic adventure, a Private Flight is your ticket to something truly magical!

We're not like the others! Our Private Flights are a  3-hour experience, getting you up close and hands on with our balloons! As the sun sets fire to the sky, your pilot will take you on a thrilling flight, experiencing the landscape as never before. There’s simply no better view  than from a hot air balloon! Upon landing, we carry on a 238 year old tradition with a celebratory Champagne toast!

What's Included
- 2 Passengers (add 1 more for only $250)
- Flight (approximately 1 hour)
- Champagne Toast (Non-Alcoholic by request)

Static Display - $500 per hour ($1000 set up)

Looking for something unique?

Static  displays are a great way to  bring people to your location. They add  whimsy to any wedding or event and color to any family photo shoot. Available Day or Night, Great for all ages and events. A ten-Story tall Hot Air Balloon will definitely draw attention! 

What's Included
- Pilot & Crew
- Vertical or Horizontal  Orientation (pending weather & event requirements)
- Day or Night Operation (Glow only available during evening events)

Flight Experience - $150 per person

Want a balloon ride at a fraction of the price?

Experiences are completely untethered balloon rides that allow passengers to split the cost of a private flight and share air-time. Passengers can expect to spend around 15-20 minutes in the air.

Only available certain dates/locations  -  See calendar

What's Included
- Pilot & Crew
- 15-20 Minute Flight 

Tethered Rides - $1500 per hour ($1500 set up)

Tethered balloon rides are great for any event.  The balloon remains anchored to the ground while ascending to heights around 60 feet. Tethered rides are quick trips up & down and allow 20-60 people per hour the ability to experience the magic of flight.

What's Included
- Tethered  Rides for passengers  of your choosing

-What's Needed
- Location - Min 200' x 200', clear of obstructions and powerlines. - Grass preferred.
- Two Secure Tie-Off Points (Typically personal vehicles equipped with "Tow-Hooks")
- Three Crew Members (Crew available for hire if unavailable for event)

Educational Demonstrations - $1000

A Personal Demonstration for your School, Office or Event 

Looking for a unique way to inspire learning? There's nothing quite like a Hot Air Balloon!  Let our experienced Pilots and Crew  pull back the curtain on the world of ballooning. Learn the physics of flight, the requirements for certification or how many baby dinosaur we can lift. We truly love what we do!

What's Included
- Inflation & Static Display
-  Briefing  - Explaining the process of ballooning and all the duties of the crew
Q & A 

Flight Training
Private LTA - $350 per flight hour  
Commercial LTA - $450 per flight hour 

Want to become an FAA Certified Hot Air Balloon Pilot?

Private   Basic Requirements (Ref. CFR 61 pt E  -Private Pilots)
- Min 16 years old - able to read, speak, write and understand the English Language
- Min 10 hours of instruction 
Commercial  Basic Requirements (Ref. 14 CFR Part 61 Subpart F  -Commercial  Pilots)
- Min 18 years old - able to read, speak, write and understand the English Language
- Min 10 flights with an instructor,  10 hours of instruction, 35 total flight hours 


Commercial Advertising - Call for Pricing

Trying to get noticed?

Hot Air Balloons are beacons of positivity and wonder. As such, they are well received by local communities, social media and make incredible advertising platforms. Imagine the publicity of having your company logo attached to a 100' tall balloon!

Our Balloons are capable of attaching  banners to our Baskets and Envelopes in multiple sizes.

If a Personalized Hot Air Balloon would better meet your need, we offer Balloon Design and Piloting Services for everything from Starter Brands to Corporate Giants.  

What we can do for You!
- Basket Banners
- Envelope Banners
- Custom Balloon Systems with your Company Logo
- Pilot Services - Already have a company balloon and need a pilot? Look no further!