Pilots & Balloons

Nemesis Balloon Team is Family Owned, Operated and Oriented!


Derek White

Commercial Pilot
Flight Instructor
Northern Utah

Devin White

Commercial Pilot
Flight Instructor
Walla Walla, WA



1980 Firefly 77
77,000 Cu ft

The OG that started it all!
Nemesis is the patron saint of our team and continues to glow at select rallies, serves as a walk-through for photos & educational demonstrations, and as a trainer forging future LTA pilots 

Take It Easy

1988 Aerostar RX-7
77,000 Cu ft

Soar with the Eagles and Take it Easy under this classic envelope.

The bold colors and timeless design also makes her perfect for pictures, weddings and drawing attention! 


2016 Kubicek BB30ED
105,000 Cu ft

What's bright, eye catching, and ten stories tall?
Spectra combines nearly every color in the Kubicek fabric arsenal into one incredible design. Find her flying the rolling hills of Walla Walla or at a festival near you! 


2021 Kubicek BB26ED
90,000 Cu ft

Alchemy is one of a kind! Hand Crafted at the Kubicek Castle in Brno, Czech Republic, her bold greens, gentle blues and signature flame (red, orange, yellow) represent the three elements required for balloon flight.
Earth, Air & Fire